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OpsGenie Node.JS SDK Revived

Package URL:   At Space48 we made the descision to move on from Pageduty and began to use OpsGenie for a number of reasons, the two main reasons being down to cost and that we already use multiple other Atlassian products, it just made sense to switch. As a result of the switch we needed to modify a couple… Read more →

Sacred Soul Holistics

Site: Name: Sacred Soul Holistics – Company Website Type: Eccomerce & Company Website   Description: My work on this site was mainly cleaning up the theme, making it work with Woocommerce along with various amends to make the theme match with the company branding. I’ve also done some work on various bits of content and content styling to meet the… Read more →

Carnival Mod

Site: Name: Carnival Mod – Minecraft Mod Type: Game Mod   Description: This is an ongoing development project for a mod for the popular block building game Minecraft. This mod was originally started a few years ago but a friend asked if i would update it for a project he is working on, i agreed and began developing regular… Read more →

Achievement Quest

Site: Name: Achievement Quest – Company Website Type: Entertainment Company Website   Description: The branding and site for this site was originally done by HollieBB Design + Branding. The site was for the new Achievement Quest entertainment company being launched by Dethridge and HollieBB. The aim of this site was to explain what the company is and also house a schedule… Read more →

Rodrus Gaming

Site: Name: Rodrus Gaming – Community Website Type: Twitch Community Website   Description: The branding and site for this site was originally done by HollieBB Design + Branding. The site was for a spanish Twitch Stream who goes by the name Rodrus076. At the moment he has a relatively small community of followers however he hopes with his new website it… Read more →


Site: Name: DethridgeCraft Gaming Community Type: Community Forum   Description: This site was for a good friend who is also a well known online entertainer on the popular streaming site This was to be a high traffic site built on the popular phpBB forum software. This site gives the community around the stream somewhere to meet, share what… Read more →