OpsGenie Node.JS SDK Revived

Package URL: https://www.npmjs.com/package/opsgenie-sdk-revived


At Space48 we made the descision to move on from Pageduty and began to use OpsGenie for a number of reasons, the two main reasons being down to cost and that we already use multiple other Atlassian products, it just made sense to switch. As a result of the switch we needed to modify a couple of integrations we had that were originally built to work with Pagerduty. This was built in node which required a node package to connect to the API. While OpsGenie did indeed have their own API SDK it seems that it was not maintained anymore with the last modifications being over 2 years ago. I had submitted Pull Requests for modifications and improvements and they were yet to be reviwed and merged. Seeing other people having similar frustrations and seeing that the OpsGenie Node.js SDK had an Apache 2.0 license i decided to create a new NPM package based on the official one and being working on updating and extending it – Opsgenie SDK Revived


This is my first dive into publishing my own NPM package and so far it seems pretty simple and straight forward. We are currently on the 4 published version (version 0.0.4) of the SDK. The initial two releases were to get a duplicate of the current SDK and make sure it worked under the new name (A little trial and error on my part with dependancies and versions) The first 2 became deprecated pretty quickly as they were not working packages, missing and wrong dependancy versions.


The current version has now moved on from the original including;

  • Deprecated Alerts API V1
  • Added User API V2
  • Deprecated User API V1
  • Added Incident API V1 – A V2 does not currently exist
  • Samples/Documentation

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