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Name: Rodrus Gaming РCommunity Website

Type: Twitch Community Website



The branding and site for this site was originally done by HollieBB Design + Branding. The site was for a spanish Twitch Stream who goes by the name Rodrus076. At the moment he has a relatively small community of followers however he hopes with his new website it will help him to grow and also give back to his community.


Initially there were some teething issues with the development mainly caused by language barriers however we managed to work closely together to get a brief for the website and functionality. It’s a fairly simple wordpress content site with some pretty unique features, which i myself haven’t seen on another wordpress site yet. The site has a page (Hermandad with translates as holy brotherhood) which is for Rodrus’ twitch followers. On this page there is a custom built plugin that will check if the user is logged into twitch and following Rodrus076. If they are not authenticated with the site they are transferred to twitch to do the login oauth. Once that is complete it does another check to see if the logged in twitch user follows the channel, if they do not they are given the warning message that they must follow the channel to be able to view the page. If they already follow the page they are then presented with the content. A nice little feature really to help build followers.

There is also another element that when Rodrus076 is live on Twitch, a message bar will appear just below the menu to inform the website visitor that Rodrus is live.


The site is also fluid and responds nicely onto smaller devices.


Originally the site was built with lorem ipsum to pad it out and then Rodrus himself has gone in and populated the content in spanish.